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iam in the process of purchasing a hud home i feellike the realestate agents are not doing there duties so far i have done everything ,printed out all the forms filled them out sent them in she said to just put her name in there now i have the electric turned on for the appraisal that i set up and have to be there to let them in and make sure the hot water heater is turned on and the faucets are off both agents are making money off this deal and i feel as if im doing all  the work it ok to let myself into the home? i dont know what to do at this point i dont want to loose the home but i would have if i would have left it to my agent

Sorry you're having trouble with your purchase.  Here are some things to consider regarding working with agents.
Put everything in writing, including what you expect your agent to do.  Certainly some agents take advantage of their clients and don't do everything they should, but there are also some clients who like to be involved with the details you shared and want to do much of the work themselves.  If you spell out what you want the agent to do and they fail to do it, you should  consider finding a new agent.  If you do that, you may want to discuss the situation with an attorney to make sure you are not liable for paying the agent's commission even after they are fired.  This is especially true if you signed a Buyer's Representative Agreement or the agent's name is on the Purchase Agreement.  Even if you've done all the work, an agent can claim to be the "procuring source" (person who showed you the property) and that can be enough to earn the commission, even if you fire them and hire another agent.
I advise against entering the property without your agent or the listing agent present.  Here in California, agents are never allowed to give gate codes, keys or any other means of entering the property to buyers.  I'd imagine there are similar restrictions in Tennessee.
If your agent isn't doing everything you expect, put your requests in writing along with deadlines for each task.  If the agent doesn't make the deadlines, speak with their supervising broker.  I call brokers all the time if their agents don't return my phone calls within 24 hours or fail to meet transaction deadlines.
I hope this helps.


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