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Long story short friends I thought cared about me and respected me hurt me for no reason and I tried asking them what I did wrong when all I did was support and respect them, they didn't answer me at all-only blocked me and anyone else who is their friend in common and is trying to ask them what I did wrong-they block too.
Some info : One of them-a man who was like an older brother to me-was always kind and respectful.

But he told me to add his gf and out of respect for the guy, I did, and she was nice to me as well for a bit, and we got along well and she said she adored me and loved me to death-especially when I reported her abusive friend who punched her in the face and bruised her eye. But I sent her tons of poems and notes to help her cheer up and I made tons of videos to her for respect.

And last week, she unfriended me for NO reason in all honesty and before she did she wrote the following on my wall : Hi N bye, b**ch mwaaaahahaha xxxx
And I was absolutely SHOCKED. Someone who I thought cared for me and respected me did that to me.

And when I questioned my 'brother' he blocked me too and gave NO answer. I get that he loves this woman, but what the heck did I do wrong?! Are these people mentally ill?

Hi Shayda,

Although this isn't really a stress question, I'll do my best to help.

Some people seem to thrive on conflict, and this could be the case in your situation.  If you are pretty sure that you did nothing wrong, then the chances are that you are right.

If they have made no effort to explain themselves, then really are these the kinds of friends that you would want long term in your life?  People who switch sides at the drop of a hat?  If it was me, I would forget about it, move on, and make some worthwhile friends.

I hope this is helpful, let me know if you need more help.

Warm regards,


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