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Hi, I`ve been strugling so hard to get into medical school before.Now, I`m in the medical school but I don`t feel motivated at all to study. The subjects are too difficult that sometimes I feel want t give up medicine. I have 2 days to go before my exam. yet, it seems that I can`t remember anything. When I do revision, I don`t understand what I`m reading about. I have to write the whole notes again 5-6 times at least to remember them. Yet, I don` really understand them although I`ve read them so many times before this, I don`t feel stress at all but now, 2 days before exam, I feel so stress thinking that there are so many notes that I have to revise back and nothing stick to my head when I read.. Please tell me how to deal with my stress. Thank you.

Hi Caroline,

This kind of exam stress is very common.

The way to help yourself is in two parts.

Firstly make sure you take regular breaks, and each day, treat yourself to one non study activity.  Long walk in the park, reading a novel, watching some tv, or long soak in the bath.

Secondly, break your revision down into small chunks, and only deal with a certain number each day.  Say you have 20 topics, then study and revise only 5 each day.  

Both of these will help you feel less overloaded, and less stressed.

Recognize that when you are stressed, your brain works less well, and material which you actually already know, will be really hard to recall easily.

I hope this is helpful, good luck, and let me know if you need more help.

Warm regards,


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