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I am 7 months pregnant and was recently very happy and excited about it. I just lost my 11 months old dog Mishka whom I loved more than anything else. After loosing her I started hating being pregnant. I just don't want this pregnancy.Although it was planned and I wanted the baby...its now completely opposite. I do take care of my other dog Tyler (3 years old) but when it comes to the baby. I hate it. I don't like anything related to it.
My hubby would understand if i discuss these things with him but i don't want to.
What do i do?

Hi Shivani

I am sorry about the loss of your dog.  I understand that this event has shaken your world at a time when your hormones are all over the place because of your pregnancy.

It seems that somehow you are associating the loss of your dog (that you really loved) with the potential loss of your baby (whom you really loved) and unconsciously you may have chosen to withdraw your love from your baby to protect yourself from future hurt.

It is possible for a mother to not love her child.  In your case I thought it would be OK to use my psychic side and tell you that there is a very good chance that you will see the baby after it was born and completely fall in love with it.  I am not a medical doctor, but I know I can trust my instinct, which is why I am telling you this.

All mothers, even the most loving ones, reach a point in their pregnancy where they feel they cannot continue, but then it is too late to hand the baby back.  That baby chose you as a mother, and yes, it will be exhausting initially, but you will manage.  You have a mature and loving husband who will do anything for you.  Don't hesitate to rely on him, especially now.  He does not have all the trouble-making hormones that we women experience during pregnancy, and he will continue to be your rock.

It is up to you whether you tell him how you feel.  You will make the right decision.

I can go on about "positive thinking" but I won't - you are too mature to be misled by hype and you have the courage to say how you really feel.  All I can say is that things will change when the baby is born.  I would suggest that you also use your time to keep a diary - but you have to do it in a very specific way.  Have a look at

I am sending a lot of good energy your way.

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