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dear one wants me. it was always like that. when i was born, no one came to visit one bought me toys or  clothes. i had a little cheap black dress my parents bought me. my parents cut off all my hair. my mother would break my toys that brough me comfort and give them away. shed call me ugly and a retard. I did have some psychological problems but i wasnt retarded. my teacher would call me antisocial. i always knew no one wanted me at all...i always felt it in my heart. id sit alone in my room and cry. at 8 my father left my family. my parents placed me on psychiatrist medication. i didn't grow to my full height. i had no clothes and wasn't fed at all. my mother placed me in a mental institution. they wanted to send me to the army but i didn't want to go. no one's ever loved me or wanted me. i have no money for a psychologist and can barely speak. i am so ugly and stupid. i have nothing to look forward to in life. no one wants an ugly little girl with dark hair and dark eyes. they want little blonde girls. i am masculine and ugly. please help me :(.

Dear Ana

Every person in this world is loved by someone.  I have dark hair and green eyes and many people love me.
I will never be blonde and it does not matter.

Love starts with self-love.  It is easy to love yourself but we tend to make it difficult for ourselves.  

How do you start loving yourself?  

You go and stand in front of a mirror every day and say to the person in the mirror "I love you" until you mean it and it comes easy for you.  Do this until you fully understand the meaning of loving yourself first, and then you will be able to thank your parents for helping you in their own miserable way to understand this valuable wisdom.

Trust me, that it is the best possible start point because I know it from experience.

Your parents don't sound like pleasant people.  Your job is to love them for teaching you that Love comes from inside and not from other people.  You don't need to like them.

I love you as one of God's most beautiful creations.

Love and Light

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