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I am 55, in pretty good health. Overweight, but it is coming down with a good diet, and a daily workout.
I was wondering if you thought it is normal to spend the weekends just puttering around the house, and taking lots of naps. Basicly de-stressing.
My excuse it that my weekdays are busy. I get up at 9pm, have a 30 minute workout(cardio and weights), drive a bus from 11 am until 7 pm (busy city, lots of 'annoying' people), come home, make my own dinner, do a few things, in bed by 11.
I love the weekends for being able to relax at HOME with just my wife, as most days I travel all over, talking to lots of people. ON Monday I feel great.
I have friends my age that go out on weekends doing lots of stuff; fishing,parties, movies, etc. For me its the couch and baseball in the summer, football in winter.
Thanks for your thoughts!


You work hard - you keep fit.

Couch potato is good. And clearly it suits you.

Unless you were a skydiver, and had  to go to the drop-zone every weekend  - which you arenít - lounging around is fine.

Warm regards,

Let me know if you need more help.

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