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Dealing with Stress/Ocular Migraines causing more stress


Hello James,   I am 60 year old female who has been getting Ocular Migraines for over 30 years having them sometimes twice a day- having headaches sometimes but more often not. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress and Panic Disorder and am Vitamin b12 deficient, I had tests by doctors years ago for the Oculars and they advised me what it was and that was fine. Well much has happened over the years and need advice now as I am getting really worried and it's started again 12 months ago and seems to be coming more frequent, scaring me especially when I see fragmented colours of pink blue green and other colours, it takes approximately 30 minutes before they go leaving me with light sensitivity for days and nausea wanting to vomit which is embarrassing me so much as most times I'm alone and in a public area.  Please let me know if I have a major problem I am so worried and frightened. Do you think I have tumour as I am petrified that this condition is not going away and seems to be coming more frequent. Thank you kindly. Regards Karen

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Is there something in your life which is making you more stressed and anxious - some big change perhaps?

Increase in frequency or severity of ongoing symptoms are often exacerbated or exaggerated by an extra load of stress. So if this is your situation, then finding a way to reduce the stress will help a great deal.

I don't know what you currently do to relieve stress, but learning self hypnosis, listening to a good self hypnosis program on a daily basis, or attending yoga classes or relaxation classes will all help, as will regular exercise.

If this doesn't have a big enough impact, finding a local hypnotherapist to teach you self hypnosis will be an incredibly useful investment, and shouldn't take more than a few sessions.

If you still find that after a week or a month, there is no change, that would be the time to visit your doctor again for another checkup to make sure all is well.

I hope this is helpful, let me know if you need more help.

Warm regards,


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