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hi,how does one deal with stress effectively thanks

Hi Kelly

Your body is a reflection of the inner stress you feel.  Therefore there are two angles from which you need to deal with stress.

The easiest part that you can start with immediately is the physical part.  Drink about two liters of water a day.  This will help you sleep better and to clear out any toxins in your body.
Also eat the freshest food you can afford.  Stay away from preservatives.  When you eat fresh food, your body does not need to work so hard to digest the food.

Exercise regularly only if you like exercise, even if it is just walking.  Don't exercise if you don't like it or if it will add to your stress.

Have a routine for going to bed on the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning.  That will also give clear signals to your body that you need to relax.

And probably most important of all, take a few really deep breaths every hour.  When you are stressed out, you forget to breathe deep enough.  As a result your body remains tense and works very hard on preparing you for the next onslaught when it should focus on your blood circulation.

If you smoke, you destroy your immune system with every cigarette.  No, cigarettes don't relieve stress - on the contrary, it makes you feel more stressful and add to your financial concerns because you throw money away whenever you buy cigarettes.

The other part is to get rid of the cause of the stress.

I want to refer you to a cheap and easy method that leaves lasting results:

This will help you tremendously to increase the benefits you gain from looking after your physical body.

Kind regards

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