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Hi -- We put in a Ipe deck about 9 months ago. My kids are constantly getting
splinters, anything we can do about this other then put shoes on the kids?
Thanks for your help, as this "problem" is a pain when you have to get splinters
out of screaming kids. -- Justine

Hi Justine. IPE is supposed to be one of the hardest woods available. However, I do not know too much about it but, as a carpenter, I can understand the pain your children are experiencing. My best advice is to either contact the website below and ask your question or insist your offspring walk, not run, on the deck and pick their feet up. (My British sense of humor coming out).
Apart from some serious sanding and sealing, I can't truly offer any solution which upsets me. Sorry but maybe these people can do better...
Simply copy and paste to your browser line and go to contact us section.

After a little thought......I am wondering if the boards are screwed down, were the holes pre-drilled and countersunk? If not, the immediate areas round the screws may be "frayed" and causing small splinters to rise. Just a thought.......


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