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I will be building a 11 foot by 12 foot free standing deck. I want to use deck blocks placed in the ground for the post. I hope to be able to build the deck with six post. Half of the post will be anchored to an existing concrete patio. Will the concrete patio heave the same amount as the ground? Do you think six post are enough? Deck is 20 inches high with no railings. I want to use all 2" by 10" for beams and joist and 2" by 6" for decking. Thanks, Ron

Hello Ron, frost heave is a concern that far north. You may want to change to standard concrete footers at least 24" deep. If your beams are 2x10 and doubled you can span 7' without concern, any farther than that and you might want a additional post. Hope this helped.


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