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    We have a deck that is made of Eon plastic boards and trim but our railing was built from cedar and glass. The cedar is really getting to be a pain to maintain. My wife wants me to rebuild the railing using some type of composite material. She particularly seems to like some that have a final coating that appears to be paint but really is a coextrusion with the composite. We do not seem to be able to find the necessary products to meet the requirements. I would like to maintain the use of the cedar posts structurally if possible. We want to reuse the quarter inch glass, there are eight 45 degree corners to accommodate, and the product needs to come close in color to the deck. The house is cedar log siding and the deck is a fake wood grain. I am fairly handy and can fabricate some things if I have the appropriate raw materials. The current rail has a routered 2X4 bottom rail and a routered 2X6 top rail that goes over the 4X4 posts. The 45 degree corner posts are two pieces of 4X4 mitered together. Can you suggest a solution?

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    This is not exactly my exact expertise, nor probably anyone's really for that matter. I could come up with a myriad of ideas for this, but it's really "too custom" to suggest just one, especially without being there to look at it with my own two eyes. I guess if I had this situation, I would just try to be open minded about coming up with different types of materials to possibly use to achieve the end goal. Personally, I really don't like to use "composite" for much other than decking, and sometimes fascia. To me, it's generally more hassle than it's worth when used in vertical/structural/railing types of applications. Also, keep in mind that when you use something like a composite product that is coated with plastic or such, it really limits how much you can shape it to your needs by routing and the like, Maybe you could use good old pressure treated? pvc? aluminum? epdm rubber against the glass?...

    Sorry if this isn't much help, but I hope it is... :)  


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