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I have a very large teak deck that has not seen any maintenance in about 5 years.  The wood is looking very dried out and is starting to crack a little in places.  We want to have it sealed to help protect it from the elements (we live in Colorado; it gets covered with snow throughout the winter and is also western facing so bakes in the sun all summer).  I've had a few estimates but everyone has a different idea of products to use. One contractor told me that since it is teak, it needs a conditioner, not a  sealer, another told me a Home Depot sealer would be just fine.  What would you suggest?
Thank you for your time.

It doesn't sound like you are getting the best advice from any of your contractors. I'm not sure what a 'conditioner' is, but I've never seen one for teak wood and all we do is restore and maintain teak furniture and hardwood decks. One key question would be whether there is any existing product on your teak deck. It sounds like there isn't. If that is the case, the wood needs to be cleaned, brightened (key step for balancing the ph-level of the wood and opening the pores to accept the sealer) and then sealed with a penetrating oil made specifically for hardwoods such as teak. Penofin, Sikkens and SuperDeck all make transparent hardwood formula oils that would make your teak deck look stunning.

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