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Decks/oil stain or oil paint on deck -- diff?


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I have an old wood deck that needs some wood filler or bondo in some cracks and crevices.

But the filler will show through oil deck stain.

Would oil based paint work on the deck without problems?  (I read somewhere never to paint a deck because the paint causes moisture buildup and dry rot if near the ground.)

Will the oil based paint sit "on top" of the filler and so rub off easily when walked on?

Would the bondo show through the paint also?

Thanks very much!

ANSWER: Hello BJ I recommend using a couple different options, one is behr restore solid deck stain it will fill the cracks for the most part and make your weathered deck look a whole lot better or they make some stuff sold at home depot called restore it, it is a solid stain also but is really thick and fills the cracks nicely, but it is a little pricy My # 1 pick would be the behr.
If the boards are so bad you are considering bondo, why not just replace the ones that are bad? Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply.

Is it safe to use oil based paint on a deck, or must it be stain only?

If I can use oil based paint, will it cover bondo patches and not rub off easily when walked on?


Oil based primer is used all the time on pressure treated decks, it is the only thing that will keep from the knots bleeding through, that being said I don't see why not, as far as the bondo, you should be ok, but I don't really know never bondoed a deck, Hope this helped some.  


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