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I'm looking for a little guidance about my porch. I have a concrete porch that I water stained last year (see picture below)The sealer was an absolute disaster and we are planning to grind it off and tile it.

I found a beautiful 36"x36"x1/2" tumbled travertine medallion (see pic below) by MS International from the US to put on the porch that states it is indoor/outdoor and is frost resistant. I'd like to put 3x6 noce travertine tiles around it and on the stairs.

My issue is I'm getting a lot of mixed opinions and really don't know what to do. Some tell me it's ok to use travertine outside as long as I use an impregnating enhancer sealer and a flex thin set. Some tell me to use another type of tile around it and on the stairs because the porch is covered and the medallion will be somewhat protected while the stairs are not covered and will not be protected.   Others say not to use it at all. Sigh...

I'm also planning to remove the pavers leading up to the stair and put in something, excuse the term, prettier, that will work well with whatever I put on the porch. Also we are residing the house so it will be a red wine colour which is why I'm leaning toward brown tones and not grey. Oh and I'm in Southern BC, so the weather is similar to Seattle with probably less rain and occasional snow, maybe once or twice a year.

Any advice/ guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Hello, I'm from the south, ga to be exact and not real familiar with frost heave however My main advice would be to make sure whatever you use is sealed very very well, any moisture that gets into the cracks will freeze and ruin your project. I have to lean with the ones who say don't do it at all. the porch looks great. Also another concern would be icing and it being slippery when frozen or wet, hope this helped some.


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