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side of steps
side of steps  

front  steps
front steps  
My new deck is approximately 16' x 21' with wrapping steps spanning one side and across the front. I'm unhappy with the 'gapping' at the bottom of the steps, as the stringers are quite visible(especially the middle step). The contractor says  this is required for air ventilation but I find the gap rather large and unsightly. The deck and treads are wood and the risers are white fascia boards.  Is the ventilation necessary if one side of the deck is open, without steps?  If location matters,  live in the south east...

Hello straight to the point. Ventalation? I don't think so also the risers should not be untreated. They need to be pressure treated also, you can still paint them white once there dried. Sounds like he's giving you excuses. I work in the Ventalation is #! $@ hope this helped.


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