Hi Tony,

I have some stairs to construct: Total Run = 83" or 6'11"  Total Rise = 36.75"  I'm looking for stairs
with somewhere between 7" Rise and 11" Run.
1. Minimum Tread Run = 10"
2. Minimum Rise = 4'/Maximum Rise = 7.75"
3. What is the correct number and dimensions of Risers?
4. What is the correct number and dimensions of Treads?


Hi Angel,

If you use the entire run with the amount of rise indicated the steps will be unusually long (and odd looking).  Unless there is a compelling reason to use the entire run I would recommend shortening it somewhat.  I use this very excellent stringer calculator when I need to determine exact dimensions on stringers.  It has multiple fields to customize the exact stringer you need.  Scroll down the page to see the drawing it generates based on your input. The calculator will likely give you all the information you need but If I can be further assistance feel free to ask a followup question. Good luck with your project!

Best regards,
Tony Wood


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