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Family Room
Family Room  
hope you can help me.  I am stumped about how to put together the furniture in my family room.  It is 15' x 22'.  On one short wall is a sliding glass door to the back yard.  On the other short wall is the door to the garage.  On one long wall is a fireplace, flanked by built in bookcases on the top.  On the other wall is open - to the kitchen, and a doorway to the hall.  

If I put a couch facing the fireplace, there is no comfortable place to put the TV.  But if I put the TV on the one available wall, the rest of the furniture is bunched up in half of the room.  I am also thinking about taking the bookcases out, because I don't really need additional shelving.  It has dark beams across the ceiling, and if I take out the shelves, I am not sure if the beams are stained at the ends, so I may end up with a problem matching them.

Here are some photos.  Do you have any suggestions?

Wendy Solomon
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as per the pic.
behind the sofa i see a rack. just next to it is your computer, If I would say that is an apt place to keep your TV. your furnitures would then be facing that side, with your 3 seater just opposite to where it is right now(facing the TV) and the 1 seater would be on the left of it.

For this you may have to move ur computer to a diff location. And removing the rack above the fireplace would be a good idea. You may go for it.Instead put a painting there. Wendy Incase you have a wall TV then please revert. There are some better ideas for that.

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