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Good Morning,I just bought a 2 story 3 bedroom house (I am single). Younger sister got pregnant, so you she is going to live with me.  I am not giving up 2 out of the 3 bedrooms in my new house that I have worked like a dog for.    Trying to make her and the baby's room super special.  I chose a soften green for the walls, and bought her a black leather platform bed(hawthorne), hanging diamond vases from cb2 ( was going to hang them and put green marbles in them).. Do you have and ideas or advice for me.
 the best oldest sister in the world (LOL)

Hi Paula

It is a long time since I decorated a nursery!  As I am sure you already know, babies have a lot of 'stuff' so I suggest you really shop around for furniture that is multi-functional.  A changing table that has cupboard space underneath for example.

I would be a little nervous of the vases with marbles as they sound like they could be heavy and could be dangerous if they were to come crashing down.

You are doing a really good thing here for your sister and one more thing I would add is that I think it important that she be involved in the decorating of the room.  Much as this is your house, it will also be her home and that of her baby and I am sure that she has her own ideas about what she does and doesn't want.  Between the two of you, decorating the room will be a fun project.

Thinking ahead to when the baby is a toddler, furniture with soft corners is a good idea and I would also avoid rugs that can easily be a hazard to little people who are unsteady on their feet.

Your sister will be up in the night feeding the baby so a suitable chair in the room would be very useful.  A rocking chair is particularly good but really anything comfortable that won't get in the way of her arms or be too close to the baby's head.  Feeding takes longer than you think so somewhere comfortable to sit is important.

Best of luck to you all,


PS  Heavy drapes or curtains at the window are a good idea for when the baby is trying to sleep during the day and a musical mobile hanging above the crib can be soothing.

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