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I am turning a room into an office space.  I've heard that a warm wall color is good when the only light exposure is from the north.  but now I am wondering what will go best with dark mahogany furniture.  I have two large shelving units and a conference table, that are a rich, reddish brown.  I have several black leather chairs and two burgundy colored leather chairs, which look very nice with the wood.  I am also considering putting in parquet floors, thinking a light color since it is a pretty dark froom, and the furniture is already going to absorb light.  I don't have any pictures at this time, but the room is empty of all the furniture anyway, so I don't think it would be very informative.  the room is about 15 X 19.

what would be your advice regarding wall and trim, given the size, northern light, and dark furniture?



I would choose light oak/maple flooring for contrast and paint the walls a nice tan beige color. I would add blue and green in the artwork to balance with all the warm colors. I attached an image of a collage I did to give you an idea of how everything would look together. Hope this helps.

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