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Hi Norah,

I am currently doing my thesis project. the idea is to provide VR with large-display to support communication between designers and clients.
I would like to know from you as designer, during the communication with client, what kind of problems that difficult to express to your clients? for example concern about scale, color or texture or anything else please tell me so i can put functions to my project to solve the problems.


Hi Fendi,
        First, let me say I'm honored to be asked :).
     I think one of the main problems is that clients don't realize that there is a lot more that goes into choice of decorating elements other than likes and dislikes. You have to have tact when telling a client that no matter how much they like a colour or pattern, they will find their heads spinning in a matter of hours if they have the whole living room done up in it.
    Most people, I've found are happy to have any advice you can give, but there are clients who just want to have their choice approved no matter what the overall effect ends up being (and of course, you'll be the one to blame if the thing doesn't turn out, even though you've tried to persuade them in another direction) :) But I think, just as in other industries, the customer is always right; and if you have done your best to explain why a certain colour or flooring or furniture placement won't work, you have to let them have the final say. Hope this helps, and good luck with your project :)

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