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I just bought my house, I am a male and it is just my dog and I. I just bought a very light tan leather furniture set and want to change my walls from the builder white color. I don't know where to start. I was thinking some shade of tan with an accent wall. I am blank, so any input would be appreciated. I have tan carpet now, but I will be changing it to wood laminate flooring. I do have a cherry ceilig fan in the room. I have standard 8 foot ceilings. the room is about 15'x20'

Hi Douglas,
         The colour you choose depends on which way your room faces, and the time of day that you most use the room, as well as the mood you want.
       As soon as I saw your picture I found the colour for the accent wall--try covered bridge by Benjamin Moore or burnt pumpkin by Glidden. For your tan look at BM's ginger root or Glidden's sunlit topaz. The tan has a yellow base that will brighten a cool room but is dark enough not to lend too much warmth psychologically to a room that gets the sun most of the day. Hope this helps :)

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