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Super bland
Super bland  
We moved into our house and it has a living/dining room combo, with plant shelves in each. I am stumped what colors to paint to bring life to this room, differentiate the rooms and compliment the spaces.
I was thinking of painting the main wall one color.  Then the walls in the dining room a complimentary color and the same for the living room.  Then the plant shelves another complimentary color.
I am not afraid of color, we're in the process of making 2 walls in our family room red.  I have also painted my boys bathroom yellow & purple.  I just want this room to be just as fun.
I have started purchasing colorful glass vases for the plant shelves and eventually we'll be purchasing furniture.  But until we do that, I can take another day of this boring room.
You can view my room at
Thanks so much for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.

Hi Lorraine,
         The colour you choose will depend on which way the room faces. If north or west you can look at the warmer tones of a colour family eg. warm tangerine as opposed to peach. If the room gets warm sun for most of the day choose a tint such as light mint green over a dark olive. This does not limit you in your choice of hue--yellow, red, green, etc. only in the darkness or lightness of the colour. If you aren't afraid you can gold bold or bright as well. :). I wouldn't choose too many colours, however. Once you've chosen the main colour look at the colours up or down on the card and choose one that complements. The plant shelves could be painted in a bright accent colour. Choosing colours from the same paint card will lead the eye from on room to the other without jarring and will let the eye settle instead of bouncing around as it would with too many colours. This probably sounds very confusing, :) so if there's something you don't understand just let me know.

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