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I am looking to repaint a living room 17 x 30, cathedral cieling 23 ft.  One wall all windows faceing south, hardwood floors.  I have a burgandy/wine with shades of tan and browns in the rug,  deep blue leather furniture. Currently my accent wall (with the windows) is deep blue.  I would like to change to a more neutral dark wall of brown and the other large white walls in a biege tone.  Will these colors work together?  The large walls give the room such a cool feeling I am trying to make the room more warm and cozy.

Hi Cathy,
        I think these colours will look wonderful together! The dark brown will "advance" the wall and make it seem closer; blue and beige have always been friends :)
        When choosing the dark brown, ask your paint store clerk or painter to show shades with a yellow undertone. If the brown has a blue undertone you may find you haven't dispelled the cool feeling very much. If you can, take one of the sofa cushions, or something the same colour or close to it to see how the specific blue will look with the paint colours before you buy, then take a chip and tape it to the wall, so you can see how it looks at different times of the day, and under artificial light before making a final choice Hope this helps :)

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