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QUESTION: My kitchen is 9x15 U shaped with window and sink in middle of U. Counter tops are verdi green granite, cream tumbled marble backsplah, ceramic tile laid on the diagonal in cream and dark reddish brown--13x13 squares. The walls are painted a khaki brown. The walls were originally green but we never could find the right shade and the khaki was finally the last straw. The problem now is we need some color and something on the 12 inches space above the cabinets to the ceiling.I don't know what to hang such as baskets, pictures, tiles, etc. and what color to bring into the space or how to space it out, I don't want to over do and make it look junky. Thanks for your help

ANSWER: Hi Lynda,
        Why not try a bright orange such as Benjamin Moore's Blazing Orange. Then place sea grass baskets on top of the cabinets to store small items you may only use once or twice a year. Or, if sea grass is too expensive pick really nice ones from Michaels and line them with a green fabric. The colour will draw the eye up, add an element of surprise to the room, and make otherwise unused space functional. Hope this helps :)

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QUESTION: The surface above the cabinets is a flat surface. Ican only hang things--I can't set anything on it. I like the idea of lining baskets with something green. I don't know how many things I should hang and how to space them. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Lynda,
       Try to find decorative plates with green in the pattern. The dollar store or others like that have a wonderful selection. In decorating odd numbers look better than even so start with three, space them evenly along the wall and see if you need to add a couple more. Hope this helps :)

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