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Our new house is very similiar-all open concept!  Loved it until I started furnishing it.  My challenge is the kitchen and dining room flow right into each other, each with the same light fixture which it seems a table should be placed underneath.  The dining room and kitchen seem to be all one big room, with tile in the kitchen and carpet in the dining to separate each space.  What tables could be used, should they match?  It seems silly to have to eating areas right next to each other.  Any ideas would beappreciated!  thank you!

Hi Jenna,
        You don't have to suffer with a profusion of tables, and their attending chairs :). You could choose where you will do most of your entertaining/family dining and make that the room with the larger table, eg. a large oak one that seats the maximum number of diners at one seating. Then choose a smaller intimate table for the other area, I'm assuming this will be the kitchen. You might choose, for example an ice cream parlour table of glass and metal with matching chairs that would be for two-four people. If space permits you could divide the two areas with a narrow fabric screen either side or alternatively, choose one space for eating and use the other for an office/bill paying/study area or a craft zone for jigsaw puzzles, needlework etc. Hope this helps ;)

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