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Hi Norah,
My living room is 12X23 and sofa wall is 132 inches. Current sofa is 89" tables 28" and 22" -- I want to purchase new sofa 75" curved (loveseat) which is very "beefy" but hubby wants to recover this one.  Both the old one and the prospective new one are curved, the
75 inch more so.  There's an ebony piano in one corner of the room.  Which size sofa would you suggest?  I could replace tables with smaller ones but still not much "negative" space.  Thanks for your response.  Frances

Hi Frances,
         For an 11' wall a smaller sofa the one you mentioned would be 6.25ft as opposed to your present one which is just over 7ft would be best. with the tables the entire arrangement would be just over 10 feet giving you a little breathing room between pieces. Hope this helps :)

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