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We have a pretty big bedroom. King size bed. Hard wood floors. There is a lot of space at the end of the bed.  We are trying to figure out if we get a rug - how big should it be. In pictures online and in magazines, i see smaller rugs (5 by 8 or smaller) at the end of a bed.  But should it be under the whole bed?  If it is at the end of the bed, does it need something on it?
Here is a picture too. (although this was before some other things)


ANSWER: Let's warm this bedroom up!

First, paint your walls. If you are keeping your curtains and bedding draw your color from there. I like the color of the curtains.

Next, your curtains should touch the floor and can go even higher on your wall. If you can't find those curtains in a longer size, buy fabric and add a band along the bottom of the curtains...something that coordinates but contrasts. I would consider adding a dark brown to your room.

As far as your rug goes, no, it doesn't have to go under the entire bed.  A small rug, that is anchored under the bottom legs of the bed - and is wider than the bed -- would be nice. Again, consider brown.

Add a padded bench to the end of your bed and it'll be a cozy anchor.

If you have extra funds, purchase a headboard. Pier 1 makes a lovely velor chocolate brown headboard that would look great in your room.

Bring you art closer together and just above the headboard.

Add light green or yellow accents and you'll be on your way.

Have fun!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: What fantastic advice! I did buy a sisel type rug in a medium brown. I just wast sure if it was a good idea! Glad to know it will probably work. Maybe I will take a pic of it to send you.  A bench is a great idea since i felt funny about just having a rug with nothing on it.    We don;t have budget to paint the walls but they are a very light lavender almost. Not white as they appear in the picture.  So excited with these ideas.  Not sure we can swing a headboard but I have seen some pretty inexpensive ones at like Gothic or even Ikea. I hate Ikea stuff but I will keep a look out. OUr furniture in the room (not sure you can see it in the pic) is a medium wood - like a standard hard-wood floor color.  Would a dark wood headboard look funny?

Also -good you like the curtains - that was a suggestion from someone on this site too!  We would have gone a totally different direction. The pictures above the wall were also by hint of someone else.  One by one you guys are helping us!!!

Paint is the least expensive thing you can do - so if you spend any more money right now I would still advise you darken it up a bit.

As far as the wood goes -- if you aren't going with a matching headboard (which can look a bit outdated) I would go with a darker color -- fabric. It will be a contrast and will look great.

I have made a few (for a lot less than buying one). All you need is MDF (heavy, but won't warp, can also use plywood though), foam, batting and fabric.

Then you cover layer by layer, using staple gun and hot glue. Then look up how to make a cleat to hang it on your wall. Pick a nice suede or micro fiber chocolate brown. THey also make fabric covered benches for the foot of your bed -- or go with a dark wood.

Make sure your bench is big enough to balance against your bed. Length is the main concern. You could also do two smaller benches together.

Good luck.

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