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I have moved into a small studio apt. and need help in choosing a wall color that would compliment my light grey floor. My bedroom area is 14 ft. x 12 ft. and features two windows which are both 3 ft. wide x  6 ft high, which brings in plenty of light. My bed sits alone along one wall facing the windows, and has a new champagne bolster champagne duvet , champagne pillow shams, and champagne cushions. I'm thinking of either putting 6 beautifully framed black and white family pictures (antique silver frames) on the wall behind the bed or a white oak frame 3ft x 2 and a half foot mirror. That wall, I think, could be done in an accent color.
I do like pastel colors and have several prints done in pastels. I also have black and white artwork. I wish to create a serene yet happy and artistic atmosphere. I have had a seafoam decor in the past which I liked a lot, and am now thinking of switching to a powder blue and white color scheme. I would be delighted if you could suggest an overall wall color, and a color for my wall behind my bed.
A 6 ft  high screen is used to divide this main room from the tiny kitchen area, which also has a lot of light since it features yet another 3ft w x 6 ft h window. The kitchen measures 7and a half ft long and 9 ft wide. One wall, has a white stove, sink, and top and lower cupboards.The other wall has a white fridge and two white storing cabinets and the window I just described.
The kitchen area  could feature a different color scheme from the main room, and I would like to give it a fun look. I"m thinking of painting all the cupboards white, but what do I do with the walls??? Hope you can help! Thank you in advance. -Ruth

ANSWER: Hi Ruth,

Thanks for using me to answer your decor questions.

I love the idea of the blue.  A slate blue (intensity is up to you) would be fabulous for the bedroom.  B/W art or photography go well with this color as well.

Consider using the blue in tandem with taupe.  My favorite taupe is Toasty Grey and it looks fabulous with white, black and is a very sophisticated shade of taupe.  

The taupe in the kitchen would be perfect.  It will give you a wonderful neutral backdrop, allowing you to add any amount of whimsy or fun with accessories.  Every color from black to red will work with this.  

Hope this gives you food for thought.  


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QUESTION: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, Jenny for your prompt and most informative reply. I am sooo excited, I intend to head out to buy the paint tomorrow. But first, I want to make sure that my pea-sized brain understood your message correctly. I paint the entire apt. in Toasty Grey except for the wall behind my bed which will be done in a slate blue? Since I am color challenged, could you please suggest a specific shade of slate blue? And what color vertical blinds do I use in the bedroom area?
Again, thank you, Jenny. You made my day.


Wow, thanks.  I'm glad your day was made.  I actually have 3 "blues" for you to check out.  Select the one you like best.  They're all Behr Paints, available at your local Home Depot.  They are:  Tropical Pool 550A-2; Viking 550E-3; and Eminence 550E-2.  They may be all on the same color card (not sure about that) but they're all sort of slate to smokey blues that would go beautifully with the toasty grey (a Glidden color by the way - also available at HD).  

As for blinds, I'd opt for white.

Happy shopping!

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