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I have a family room that I want to make into an English pub/TV room. Is there a wall covering that will be best for the pub? Do you know of a design magazine that specilizes in English pubs?

Hi Helaine!
         I was born in Wales and have relatives in London so I've been in a few pubs in my time :). The thing that stands out to me as being typical in English pub decor is dark wood and stone walls and fireplaces. There are specialty paints available that will give you the look of stone. If the thought of dark paneling doesn't appeal to you create a dado effect by putting the wood part way up the wall and covering the top part with faux stone paint. Try not to place the meeting point half way, one third/two thirds will look more pleasing to the eye. Place a strip of molding at the dividing line between the two finishes.
    I don't know of a magazine off hand, but check your local library for a book on English pubs. The librarian can lead you in the right direction and maybe find other sources of inspiration for you. :)
     I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to contact me again if you have more questions.

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