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QUESTION: I am having a house built and was planning on selecting the bisque appliances and bisques corian counter top the builder is offering along with the oak cabinets (natural) to help stick to my budget. I was wondering if you had any suggestions about paint color that can help the kitchen from looking dull or blah given my selection or do you think I should change my counter/appliance selection.

ANSWER: I would encourage you to add some contrast to avoid the "blah." Oh, to be designing a new kitchen! Have fun with it.

Specifically, I would not get the same color appliances and counter tops. Can you afford to change up either one? Darker, rich counter top in a brown shade? Or, stainless appliances?

When you say natural Oak cabinets do you mean a light color, no stain? That too will just blend in w/the other items.

I would go with darker cabinets and medium tone counter tops (choose one with a dab of color in it if you like -- that can be your accent in the room). And, stainless if you can swing it. What is going on the floor? That can be another place to add color/texture.

If you can email me a few color choices of the cabinets & counters in your price range I'm happy to look at them for you. After those are selected you can choose your paint color.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I really do appreciate it. I haven't selected anything yet but I was considering those choices to sort of stay within my budget (even though I know it was a little blans). I do have a small amount of wiggle room in the budget for some upgrades. I will most likely make the selections in the next month or so. This is a second home so I was taking that into considertion but also trying to keep in mind resale prices. I will keep your recommendations in mind when I go to make my selections

If you stick with the similarly-colored items add contrast in the floor, counter-top accessories, a rug or mat and hand towels. Of course, paint will add color too.

And, you can always add a back splash to break things up - Home Depot sells these great metallic-looking panels that are really plastic and easy to hang!

Have fun.

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