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Hello, I am currently in the process of selecting a laminate flooring for our family room in the back of the house. Currently, we have beautiful terrazzo flooring with black and green stones throughout the entire home except for the back family room.  We have a tropical theme living in Florida I want to keep with as well has new honey maple kitchen cabinets.  The walls in the family room are brown and blue.  What is a good shade that will not only look good in the room, but will flow with the rest of the house?

Laminate flooring has come a long way and is a great choice for someone who lives in Florida.

There's a laminate product called Marmoleum that I really like. It's an all-natural product and comes in many wonderful shades and sizes. You can mix and match or choose all one color. It comes in long strips or squares.

Here are some links. The first is to their "natural colors."

The next is an information file.

Given the black and green tiles in the rest of your home and blue and brown wall colors in your back room, I would go with a neutral shade for the floor. Maybe a shade similar to your honey cabinets. I would lean toward the mid-shades, not too light. Havana & Silver Birch look nice online.

If you are interested in this product (I have NO connection to them) I would order some samples and look at the colors in your home. If you go with another product I would look for similar shades.

Good luck and have fun!

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