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I have red livingroom furniture and light gray carpet.  I am looking for a color to paint my walls.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

If you want the room to feel larger I'd go with a red color in a similar undertone as your sofa. Because contrast makes a room appear smaller, going red on the walls will make your room appear larger.

If you are not interested in painting the room red you may also consider a dark grey, blending with the carpet.

I also think a nice off white would work well, and you can bring in color through various red accessories. You could also add green accents (that's a complimentary color to red), or yellow-green and blue-green accents, which are also complimentary.

And, if you'd like to "hide" the carpet a little you can also add an area rug over that. Just make sure it is anchored by your furniture -- with the front legs of large pieces on the rug.

Good luck.

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