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Moved into my loft 3 weeks ago and am still indecisive about my wall colours. Where to begin….

First the basics: I have 13’ wooden plank ceilings, black girders, exposed tin/silver duct work and birch floors throughout.

I am going for a grey motif with a contemporary black/white theme. I have three bookcases, all in white—two of which will flank either side of my black lacquered TV stand with black TV (east wall). Six feet away is a black leather sofa with a beautiful and very low to the ground white lacquered coffee table intersecting the two with a 6x6 medium grey shag rug.

The opposite wall will be my accent wall which will house the other bookcase (this one is different in style from the other two).

It is an open concept; think of a box: you enter the suite in the south west corner and immediately to your right is the kitchen, straight ahead—end of the room—are large windows that are intersected by a ceiling to floor column (dry wall) and not quite ceiling to floor windows.

There is a square 2x2 column that in a sense symbolizes the division between the kitchen and living area (somewhat obstructs the view of the windows when standing at the front door).

I have, in effect, three walls (the fourth being the windows). The kitchen shares the walls of the foyer and the living room wall (east wall); however this space is isolated by the design of the drywall hence I can paint it a distinctive colour without any issue…

The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, modern white cabinets and granite countertops (a very popular white with black and grey speckles).

At this point I plan on keeping the entertainment wall white (?). I am not sure if I should paint the accent wall a red with the area (5 plus feet) above the cabinets a shade of grey (Ralph Lauren “LOFT”) and the pillar the same colour OR the kitchen/pillar red with the “accent” wall the grey? … was going to paint the drywall all around the windows a darker shade of grey (?) (RL Bleeker), which matches the shag rug…

I plan on using a grey glass backsplash… and am painting the foyer a beige/brown (RL Soho).

Should I keep the entertainment wall white? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you so much for your time,



I can see that you've put a lot of thought into your living space, and I think it sounds wonderfully modern and sleek.  

I absolutely would paint the entertainment wall in an accent color.  A shade of red like cranberry would be awesome, and of course goes great with greys and blacks.  You may want to consider leaving the pillar white OR adding a horizontal pin stripe on the pillar in the cranberry red with a drop shadow of Bleeker and a tertiary stripe in the Soho.  If you like the horizontal stripes, block it out with tape, paint and remove the tape just before it's all completely dry.  I would not do an area any larger than 8-10 inches.  All you want is a touch of the other colors.  

One other option is a vibrant yellow which would add another splash of color to the space.  If you do, opt for one single flower in the yellow and one single tailored pillow in the same shade.

Urban contemporary loft.  Loving it!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for the prompt reply!

It is great to see someone take time out of their day to help someone...

So if I paint the entertainment wall a cranberry red what do you recommend I paint the opposite wall ( this was the wall I originally slated as my accent wall: it has a large white sliding door--entrance to bedroom--and white bookcase)?

What colour should I paint the kitchen? Should I go with a grey or black subway tiled backsplash? (Should the backsplash/kitchen paint tie in with the rest of the room?)

Thanks again!

I loved your other ideas, particularly about the glass tiles in the kitchen.  I love the idea of the black tiles, particularly considering the stainless appliances and think you'll probably be happiest with them.  You can incorporate the red in small accessories.  Paint your kitchen walls grey for some great contrast to the white cabinetry!


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