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Hi - Looking for a carpet/ area rug for a living room (I love the new shags).  Our loveseat and sofa are charcoal grey, and we have a dark orange lounge chair. Is a grey carpet too dark?  What value grey? Would cream be better? I am also interested in durability (we have a baby girl).  Should I look at wool, polyester, other?

Hi Sandi!
I think grey and orange go well together. Whether grey would be to dark depends on which way the room faces. If it gets the sun most or all of the day, grey would be fine. If your windows face north or west, you may wish to try several shades of grey to see which looks the best. Ask your carpet dealer if he could loan you samples of your choices. Put them on the floor where you can see the effects of the changing light from morning light to artificial night lighting. You also suggested cream; again try a sample. It may be too light in a bright room and make you feel warmer in summer, although not as hot as a yellow. Your choice could also be influenced by the time of day the room is used most often. If you are using the room all day in the winter and the room doesn't get much light I would get a softer grey, or opt for the cream; color influences your mood.
    Durability and a baby go hand in hand :) This would lead me to recommend you opt for a more durable style here and perhaps get a shag later on for a less used room such as a bedroom. If your heart is set on a shag, look for a low or mid style that will give you the look you want but be more family friendly. For the look of wool without the drawbacks, your best choice is acrylic; its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Nylon would be another good choice, its only disadvantages are it will fade in bright sunlight and doesn't resist oil and grease. Polyester is less expensive than nylon and has excellent stain resistance. It also has a luxurious feel. Its disadvantages are the same as for nylon. The problem with wool is that it will stain easily, not a good thing with a little one around :)
      I hope this has helped. Please don't hesitate to contact me again if you have more questions :)

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