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We have lived in this house for two years now and I can't find a way to make our great room get that wonderfully inviting feeling the other rooms have. It is 23 ft long by 13 feet wide with cathedral ceilings. on the lower side of the ceiling there are three beautiful windows ovaled at the top...this is on the right side  of the room. there are no windows or fireplace at the end of the room or on the left side. we have the tv at the far end of the room (wish there was a fireplace! :)
we have the tv there since one can view it from the is a very open and airy space...the entire kitchen and great room, but it doesn't feel large and airy. I feel there could be so much more. I'm not sure what to put on the walls...everything seems so small on them. i have no curtains in there yet, we have a tv, a nice long library table with pictures on it and furniture we are getting ready to replace. how would you set it up? there also is one ceiling fan with ugly lights and it does not give the room the light it so desperately needs. Any ideas whatsoever would be so helpful.

Let me suggest a few things that might help, without seeing a picture I can't be too specific.

First of all, paint your walls. Nothing warms up a space or grounds it like paint.

If you have high ceilings you need large pieces on the wall (as you realize). You can hang tall dressing mirrors (they kind you typically use in a dressing area) horizontally up a wall - stacked on top of each other. Maybe 3 - 4 going up a wall.

You can also buy large canvases and paint them (if you have that talent) solid colors -- you can select 3 shades from your selected wall color chip and paint canvases and stack those. Or, cover w/wall paper, fabric or scrap book paper.

Adding window treatments will also warm your space up. Take them up as high as you can get them and let them drape on the floor a bit.

Focus your furniture in a conversation fashion and use rugs to create small spaces w/in the room.

Good luck.

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