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I have a kids room.  The carpet is amazon green and the furniture is like a wooden color.  three walls have ash white color What colors would look best on the fourth wall.
kindly solve my problem.  

Hi Sara,

When selecting color combinations, your best bet is to select a color that is opposite the color you have on the color wheel.  (You can find the color wheel at and other decor web sites.)  Since your color is amazon green (white doesn't count) you should consider green's color opposite which is red. I'm not suggesting Christmas red and green here, but a "shade" of red that has close to the same tone as the green shade does.  It may end up being a nutmeg or brownish orange or a more cranberry tone depending on what shade amazon green is.  

Bring home some cards from your local paint store or home improvement center in the greens (try to find your carpet color) and the reds.  You'll come up with something pleasing.  

One word of caution - leaving the ash white walls white causes a lot of contrast between the greens already, and adding the red will not solve that problem.  You may need to consider painting all four walls, or at least two of the four.


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