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QUESTION: My front door opens into a 20x13 living room.  From the living room you can see into the kitchen w/an island and there is also a dining area.  Basically, it is a 20/27 open space with the kitchen in the right corner and the dining room in the left corner.  The front door open directly into the center of the living room and there are windows across that wall, floor to ceiling.  Help! Should I consider moving the front door to the side of the living room or would that look goofy as the door would then be offset from the steps?  Do you have any furnitue layout ideas?  I am stumped.

ANSWER: Hi Susan,
Would you be able to send a photo. If you could take a photo from the front door that would help.  I need a little more info.  Is there a fireplace in the living room?  Are the windows directly in front of you when you enter or at an end?  Is there a staircase in the room?  I think I have some ideas for you.  Can't wait to see the space!

Kim Boyer
Kimberly Boyer Interiors

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The windows are on the same wall as the front door.  So when you come in the front door you are standing in the family room space, which is twenty feet from left to right.  With the door in the center of that wall and only 10 feet on either side, I'm not sure what to do with the furniture.  I can't send a picture.  All of our stuff is packed up, including the cord to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer.  I think I have decided to move the front door to the left of the room, then I can use the sofa and a sofa table as a "wall".  Do you think it would look weird to have the porch steps in the center of the porch and the front door to the left of the steps?  Or should I just pay someone to move the steps? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!

ANSWER: Hi Susan,
Wow, I didn't understand that you had just moved in!  Is there any focal point in the room?  Fireplace, TV?  Would it be possible to split the area and make a cozy seating area to one side, and a foyer/area with a bench for seating on the other?
Ok, if you move the door, that will give you a more functional seating arrangement.  Will the windows now be to the right of the door?
Would you approach the windows head on where the steps are now?  Moving the steps could be a pretty big deal.  Are they concrete or wood?  I don't think it would look bad, if you had enough room on the front porch to create a pretty sitting area or something.  Again, I apologize, it's really hard for me to say without properly viewing the house.  I'm sorry.  I hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, the windows will be to the right of the door.  The windows have colonial grids and go from the floor to the ceiling.  The door is all glass with colonial grids except for one small solid panel at the bottom.  The door also has two side lights with the same grids. The exterior of the house is a soft yellow with white trim.  The door is scheduled to be stained but could be painted white if it would blend in better and not be so noticeable that it is off center. So basically the whole front porch area is glass with colonial grids. There is about two feet in between each window and door.  We haven't moved in, yet.  The house is under construction and we are in temporary quarters.  So if I am going to move the door and/or the brick steps, now is the time to do it.  Right now there is just a hole cut for the door and windows.  The steps are in.  I was the one(against the architect's advice) who thought it would look good with the door centered on the 20ft long porch, not realizing that would leave me no space for furniture placement. So it is all my fault and now that the house is framed I realize my mistake and am trying to do some damage control. Luckily we have a great builder who does not charge for changes.  He says it is my house and he wants me to be happy with it.  The porch is 4 feet wide and will have railings across it per our county's code. I suppose I could put some type of bench or something on the porch.  The steps are about 5 feet wide. They look good and I hate to move them.  It will cost about $3,000 total(the bricklayer's charges for tearing down and rebuilding).  But, this is a very long term commitment. Thank you so much again for your advice.  I have been losing a lot of sleep over this.

I am very sorry you are going through this.  I didn't realize the house was under construction.  Now is the time to remedy this and since the porch is only 4 feet wide, I would recommend moving the steps to be in front of the door.  You will definitely be happy in the long run.  The colors sound beautiful and I like the idea  of the stained door to make it pop and create some great curb appeal.  
You could also paint it a color other than white to create the same effect.  I wish you all the best.

Kim Boyer
Kimberly Boyer Interiors

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