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We have a room that sits between the living room (entry room) and great room (which serves as den/dining room). The room in question serves as a breakfast area for everyone and dinner area for the kids.  It is about 9 by 9 and would be a cute room for a round table in the center except for the fact that it has a wide opening on each side and is essntially a walkway.  It used to be the last room on the house until we added the great room behind it.

Right now it just looks like this very wide hallway with a random round table in the corner.  We have a cabinet that used to be on top of the fridge sitting on the floor near the table for storage.

Should we build cabinets floor to ceiling (it is open to the  skinny working kitchen) - should we somehow make it into a nook?  I am standing in the kitchen in this picture. To the left of the room is the living room and to the right is the great room.


If you need a space to eat I would try to make it work as a eat-in area.

You might try built in bench seating along the back wall and wall to the left, where the table is pushed into the corner.

It would create an "L" (with a small lower part) and you could run a narrow table down the space. You could have nice folding chairs available to add to the outside of the table when you need extra seating, but otherwise could fit about 4 people on the bench.

You can make a back on the bench so it's comfortable, and create storage underneath. Add cushions for comfort and color.

So, in other words, think function first (eating area) and then try to use the space you have to make that work. If an eating area is no longer needed then yes, go to your next desired function, storage? Pantry? Mini office? and add built ins on that wall to suit your needs.

Good luck and have fun.

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