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My walls in my small bedsitting room are TOASTY GREY, and I wish to dye the chintz cotton cover of my bedsitting sofa either PEACH or TANGERINE. I have found both of these colors in RIT. Which of these two colors would look best with TOASTY GREY ? And what color should I use for cushions? I am trying to achieve a modern yet elegant and serene look, so I'm open to any suggestions as to any other color aside from PEACH would be more suitable, as long as RIT carries it!
Thank you in advance for your help.- Ruth

ANSWER: Hi Ruth,
      I have taken a look at the toasty grey paint chip and the dye colors. I'm afraid I couldn't find the peach on the chart but I did find the tangerine. Given that a computer screen distorts colors easily, I'm not sure I would choose the tangerine for the whole sofa cover. It is modern, true, but it might give you a headache after a while :). And it would not do much for serenity.
    I would, instead recommend the evening blue. It is serene and elegant and would blend better with the wall color. Where you could use the tangerine would be in the pillows. In such a small amount, as compared to the entire sofa, it wouldn't knock you out, and would give the blue a little punch. Also take a look at the sunshine orange and golden yellow both of these would also suit quite nicely.
    I hope I've helped rather than offended :) If there is anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Norah, I LOVE your suggestions, and am opting now for the EVENING BLUE  and SUNSHINE YELLOW combo. I do have another question, and would appreciate your insight. Directly across the sofa are two 60 in. h  x 30 in. w  windows. Should I go with EVENING BLUE  blinds, and should I opt for verticals or horizontal blinds?
Again, thank you. You have taken a big load off my shoulders. - Ruth

Hi Ruth,
       Whether you choose horizontal mini blinds or the verticals is a matter of personal choice, as either looks good. But here are some things to think about that might influence your final decision.
   To emphasize a window's length use vertical blinds hung to finish a few inches below the sill. To emphasize their width, hang the minis outside the frame. Two emphasize each window individually use a single treatment on each. To treat both windows as a single window hang a 60" wide vertical blind to cover the outside frame of both windows. They will look like one window when the blinds are drawn. This can also work with the mini blinds but may not look as good, depending on how far apart the windows are. Personally, for the single treatment I would use one vertical blind. The colour would look great, as it won't make the windows stand out too much, or make them one with the wall. It will also unify the look of the room.
  Have fun, and good luck! :)

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