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We have a new kitchen & dining room, the cupboards are cream with a black worktop,  black floor & stainless appliances. At the moment the walls are white but we wish to add some colour to the room. The room is 18ft x 16 ft and bright. What colours would belnd with cream & black ?

Hi Bob,
      I've looked at several colours for you kitchen and have the following suggestions: To blend the cream and black I would use aura by Glidden (50YY 68/330). If this is too bright try golden garland at the bottom of the same card(3R1) (40YY 34/446). My other suggestion will also darken the space, making it cooler in psycholgical temperature. It will bring out all the colours and make them stand out and that is satin serenade (10RR 26/248). With black and cream light colors would brighten up an already bright space. Because your appliances are cool metal color, a wall color with a cool undertone would be better than one that has a pink base. I hope this gives you a starting point at least :) If there's anything else I can do, let me know.

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