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Sketch of Family Room
Sketch of Family Room  
I am attaching the image of our family room without any furniture in it. Because of the entrance position our furniture now is put in L-shape and quite far from each other. So when people are sitting on love seat (which is located against one wall opposite to the fireplace) and the sofa (placed in front of the bay window), they cannot even properly look at each other, forget about having a discussion. Could you please suggest a workable layout. We can purchase additional pieces (sofa, chairs etc) for this room. Thanks in advance for your help.

How about trying the sofa facing the TV, away from the wall enough to allow a walk way behind it. Then, I would try two chairs across from it, with their backs to the TV wall. Put them close enough to the sofa that they create a conversation area. Anchor them all w/an area rug (even on carpet) and put a coffee table between them an maybe small side tables on the outside of the chairs (for lamps and a place to place drinks).

This allows folks on the sofa to see the tv and fireplace, and creates a conversation area w/the chair folks. They can see the view, but not the tv, unless they turn their chairs around.

WIth the space on either side of the bay window and on the wall to the left of your entry you can arrange other tables, small seating areas (corner by bay window).

See what you think and let me know how it goes.

Good luck.

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