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Living Room
Living Room  
Hi, my living room is a very light gold but not yellow.  I have light oak floors and trim and cinnamon colored leather couches with a large picture window.  The room is connected to our small dining room with pocket doors and only able to view if doors are open.  The coffee and sofa furniture is also a very dark brown.  I have drapes up that are a black and gold floral and then also a black and gold stripe on the inside.  Want to add a little more drama to this room it is difficult to decorate d/t narrowness of room.  I took the pic at night but during the day there is alot of light. We are planning on doing our fireplace over in stone soon so I try to ignore the white tile.  Any additional suggestions to how I have pics and the layout would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Corrina,
         Your room is beautiful just as it is! :) You wrote that you plan to reface your fireplace in stone, this would add drama all on its own. The only thing I would add are throw pillows in red, orange, and/or gold damask or brocade for the couches, and a plant with a painting above it to balance the table and photos on the other side of the dining room door.     
  For furniture placement, it would depend on whether you want to emphasize the width or length of the room. For a sqared off look try one of the couches on the short wall opposite the dining room, if there's space. You could consider painting your walls a deeper colour like Glidden's cairo gold 20YY 46/515 or moonstruck 20YY 53/423. Hope this helps:) If you need anything else, just ask.

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