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Dear Nora, I have a living room with pale green walls and light laminate floor. I have a trouble choosing curtains for my 2 windows which are both in side of teh wall. I was gonna have curtain that looks one piece and cover whole wall. So what would be the best choice and it would be appreciated if you could give me a hint on what would be color of couches. Thank you.  

Hi Badmaa,
        The colours can be cool blues and greens or on the warmer side red-oranges or red-violets. For example, a blue sofa with red-violet cushions or a red-orange sofa with blue-green cushions. Find curtains in colours and a pattern you like a choose your couch from the curtain colours. Whether you choose draperies that go from wall to wall or two separate treatments is a personal choice. A guideline is to remember warm colour advance and a full wall treatment will make the wall seem closer when the curtains are closed, making the room seem smaller. Cool colours will make the wall seem farther away and make the room seem bigger. In a patterned fabric the amount of warm and cool colours will dictate whether they will come forward or receed. For exampl, a pattern with lots of red and orange would be visually closer and a fabric with more blues and greens will seem further away. This effect will be more of a factor in a full wall treatment than if you're using two separate curtains because the wall colour between the two windows will be visible to break up the pattern. I know this is rather complicated but when you're looking at different fabrics you'll see what I mean :) Good luck,

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