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I have twins that share a small bedroom, about 12 by 12 or so. I have the
beds across from each other, with each one having a side against the wall.
The room has a big picture window with a window seat and storage
cupboards. It looks all right, but I don't like how the headboards are not up
against a wall, due to the widow seat.  I am hesitant to put the beds against
the longest wall, for fear of the  kids rolling out of bed without being against
a wall. The closet doors pose another problem as far as arranging.  Just
wondering if you have any ideas for arranging 2 beds in a small room.

ANSWER: Hi Andrea.
What if you put the headboards back to back along the long wall? I believe if I am understand the room configuration properly, the twins would have one wall each for the beds.
The foot of each bed would be one closest to the closet, the other closest to the window and bench seat.
If I am not understanding the room properly, please send a picture.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

The one wall is too small to put the beds back to back, althogh I liked that
idea! I have attached a picture of the room. I did move the beds so that the
headboards are both on the long wall (to the left of the picture) and I tipped a
long black tv unit on it's side and put between the beds. It comes up a little
higher than the beds, which is nice as it acts as a barrier and the twins won't
roll off.  The downfall is that they play on it, climb on it etc. and they have
bonked into it in the middle of the night. Any further ideas would be really
appreciated. Thanks

Hi Andrea,
I love the window seat, very nice.
What about a soft sided ottoman cube for between the beds?  Maybe even a couple of them if the room width would allow it.  You should be able to find them at Bed Bath & Beyond or Linen's and Things.  The good part about them is that they can also be used as storage cubes as the tops flip up.  Using these as options adds storage to the room, and if the kids climb on it they won't get hurt. If they fall out of bed they'll bump their heads on the softness of the soft sided ottoman cube.
Hopefully this will work out as an option for you.
Thanks, Sandy

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