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QUESTION: I purchased an oriental cabinet for my master bath to go in between the jacuzzi and vanity my question is the cabinet is roughly 5 ft tall and on the other side of the cabinet I have a nice oil painting that is in a leather chunky frame I love the cabinet and the oil but I feel like the cabinet is squared off and the frame is square I was thinking of raising the painting up and maybe putting some nice crystal containers with bath salts in them along with a container of fern or a basket of fern one or the other just to break up the squareness. can you think og any ideas I dont wont to give up either of them I like the looks of both I just feel like they are both square

ANSWER: Hi Tifany,
         There really isn't anything wrong with a square frame next to a squared off piece of furniture :) I sketched several ideas and a shelf with salts and a plant sounds like an excellent idea. You could also add a candle or two, maybe scented, and some shells--the big conch kind. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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QUESTION: Thanks Nora for your idea would it bother you that there is only 5inchs between the cabonet and the oil pinting and 5 inches on the other side because there is a window Im working with limited space but I am afraid that if I get a smaller oil that it would looke dinky beside this large cabinet

Hi Tiffany,
         The distance actually works in your favor. When a piece of art is too far away it stands out like a ship on the ocean with no land in sight:) Having the art that close brings both the cabinet and the window into a grouping. Raising the painting and putting the jars etc. underneath will make the grouping come together even more. Everything will turn out just fine :)

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