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Leather sectional
Leather sectional  
QUESTION: Hi!  I am completely re-decoration my great room.  I have had the room painted with Benjamin Moore Clay on one large accent wall and all other walls are Benjamin Moore Crisp Khaki.  I am going to carpet the floor with Shaws nylon carpeting in Deckwood and plan on putting some geometric/abstact area rug in front of the sectional which will be a leather sectional in walnut which is a dark brown. I would like to put a stress be gone small type recliner in the room with ottoman.  Should I go with leather or fabric.  What color should I use to bring it all together and or add some pizzaz.  I was first thinking about getting a dark brown leather, but I think I can do better and would like to hear your suggestions.  Thanks in advance.  I have attached a pic of the set that I am thinking of buying.

ANSWER: Hi Linda,
        First, let me congratulate you on the work you've done so far :) The chair would look good in either fabric or leather. Here are a couple of ideas I had-for a leather chair go with a golden tan for both the chair and the ottoman. This will not be out of place with the walnut sectional and will add some brighter tones. For fabric try a tweed with a light brown background and darker warm brown fleck and the ottoman in the same fabric.  If you're going with a geometric rug I would suggest one with green and brown with a beige background. This will lighten the whole room while tieing the colors together. Good luck with the rest of your project. If there's anything else you need, just ask :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your quick response.  I like the golden tan, but I wonder if that will clash or wash with the Crisp Kahki which is the wall color that this will be going next to.  What are your thoughts on that.  What do you think of an orangey color or a sage green color?

Hi Linda,
       I admit the colors I use in my computer program may not be an exact match to the ones you have in front of you :) But I think an orange would do very nicely. It is not far removed from golden tan and would go well with the sectional. Hope this helps,

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