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Hi Norah,

I have a question about colour choice for a very open floor plan.  When entering our house (new construction; typical cookie-cutter), there is a small foyer and then house opens up to dining room on the right, large kitchen with breakfast nook on the left and family room straight ahead.  We have rounded corners everywhere and round walls in the dining room.  Walls are yellowish-peachish colour and our furniture is yellowish light maple.  Needless to say, color and furniture blend too much and everything looks too light/blond.  The only splash of color on the wall is our friendís artistic interpretation of Kandinskyís Concentric Circles. Can you suggest a colour palette for an open floor plan?  Also, if using different shades, where do we draw the line for the colour on round walls and corners?  Can I use a different colour just for the wall with that painting I mentioned before?  Thank you so much for your help.  Hope I am not asking too many questions.  Thanks again!  

Hi Jules,
        It's best not to try and find the dividing line between two areas with curved walls, you could find yourself under a doctor's care very quickly :). I found a picture of the painting, and while the colours may not be quite the same, the method of using them is. Assuming they are similar I selected Sherwin-Williams' beguiling mauve for the wall colour from the purple in the painting then punched up the sofa with cushions in colours taken from the painting as well. Simply find a colour in the painting you have that you would like on the wall and find some paint swatches to match it as closely as possible. Then pick out two or three other colours to use as accents around the room such as cushions, vases, etc. The colours in the painting will tie everything together. Hope this helps and good luck :)

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