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My  new sectional
My new sectional  
I have a gray sectional in my living room, the color is call "graphite" and i have no clue how to decorate my livingroom, what colors to use. my room is very small, I won't have a table in the middle couse with the sectional are two recliners, that are the same color, and when you open them they would hit the table, but i want to put a small rug too, some pillows, a throw,  and pictures. what colors should I use?

Hi Sara,
      I love your sectional! We had a rust brushed cotton one when I was growing up. It lasted until it was practically threadbare :) I've looked for one that is affordable but haven't found one yet.
   Now, on to your design :) The two ways you can work with a small space are to either make it appear larger by using pale tints, or use bold color to play up the space.
    For the first approach you could paint the walls white, there are warm and cool tones of white depending on how warm your room gets. Or if you want a little color, you could use a wallpaper in pale tints of yellow and pink on a white background. In both cases use a rug with black/white and grey in it. For accessories try pale turquoise or bright fuchsia. For a bolder approach I would suggest purple moss (50RB 20/091) with a rug that has beige, grey, and black; summer thoughts (50RR 40/178) with a grey-blue/grey/lt. grey rug; sonata (30RR 30/103) with a white/grey/black rug, or whisper (30RR 64/043) with a beige/grey/black rug. All paints are from Glidden and accessories could be fuchsia or turquoise or a combination of both, as in a throw or afghan or pillow. Art that has the turquoise and fuchsia, or warm red with white, pale yellows and blues would suit any of the schemes. Or try one giant white floral like Georgia O'Keefe's "white flower, red earth" You can probably find a picture of it in a book at your local library. Your painting doesn't have to be that one, it's just to give you a general idea :)
   I hope this helps. If you need anything else, just give me a shout :)

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