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Hi, we are getting ready to redecorate our kitchen that joins one of our living rooms, currently the living room has this hideous burnt orange carpet and a sage green colored wall, the kitchen has a bluish/green laminate colored floor, and the same sage green wall, I want to make the space look more open and uniform so we are tearing up the carpet and laminate, but the problem i am having is finding a flooring color that looks good with the kitchen cabinets that are new. they are a light colored hickory, I really like a darker colored floor like Brazilian cherry or a mahogany, but i am not sure which would go best. Then we would like to replace the countertops that are in the kitchen, i don't exactly know what color you would call them, but they are a light beige color with/ brown and grey specks, I would like to replace them either with a high performance laminate or a granite..Any suggestions would help immensley.thanks

Hi Penny,
       I recommend you go with the cherry floor and a green granite counter. Granite is stronger and more durable than laminate and will not chip. You can place hot items directly on it and you won't need to use a cutting board. An added feature is that you can roll dough much better on a granite surface. Laminate also has the disadvantage of cracking if water or heat. Hope this helps! Good luck :)

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