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my question is I live in an old house that has medium to dark trim which is original and do not want to touch but i want to paint the walls my carpet is ugly it is grey with blue tones. my living room and dinning pretty much connect all that seperates them is the built in cabnets then there is another room on the other side of my living room that joins. What to I do. Please help.

Hi Sheena,
        I have considered your problem, and, not knowing exactly how ugly the carpeting is I think I have a couple of solutions.          
  The first thing you could do is "neutralize" the effect of the carpet by painting the walls with Glidden's snowbell (10BB 73/045).This will cause the carpet to blend with the walls instead of sticking out like a sore thumb :). You didn't mention if the room is warm or cold, but on the warmer side, take a look at white mantle (90YY 75/120), also by Glidden. This is what I call a neutral yellow that will take the attention from the carpet but not overpower or heat the room too much.
   Another thing you could do is arrange some art on the walls to draw the attention up and away from the floor. You may also want to paint the dining room the shade up from the one you choose for the living room. This will add interest while keeping all three spaces unified.
      As well, you could find an area rug in colors that you like with a little blue or grey in it and cover as much of the carpet as you can. Putting the area rug in your conversation area will anchor the seating area and set it off from the rest of the space.
    I hope this helps. I can sympathize with your problem, I've had ugly carpets in the past :) If there is anything else you need help with let me know; and good luck :)

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